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Reagan 2012

One of my favorite Seniors from Sundown from 2012…


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Authumn – Senior 2012 Sundown ISD

She’s funny…fun…high spirited and beautiful!  That’s just what you get after being around Authumn for like 5 minutes.  I had a lot of favorites from this session and I could show them all to you in the wonderful colors we produced them in but I’m kinda stuck lately on a black and white preference.  These highlights from Authumn’s session just to me can’t be done as well in color as they are in black and white.  Needless to say I had a lot of fun taking these images and I’m thrilled with some of the finished products.  Thank you Authumn for letting me do this once in a life time thing for you….it was my pleasure!



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Morgan Riley – Senior 2012 Levelland ISD

This session was kinda special to me.  I’ve been taking pictures of Morgan since she was a Sophomore and now to see her in her last year of Highschool….well it’s an eye opener and a little sad.  Never the less this is a great time in her life and just a simple step to the next great things life has in store for her.  I took a little extra time on this session because I fell into some new technics and software that basically made me want to completely start over on my editing….and that’s what I did.  I love black and white….but I don’t usually dominate my favorites on the blog with them but that’s how this one ended up.  So enjoy these previews from Morgans session and a few of her sister along with her….they were nutz!  This was a fun session with out a doubt and don’t let the images fool you…Morgan is a nut and isn’t all as serious as she looks.



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Gonzales Family

Here is a sweet little post for the Gonzales family from a cold grey day over the holidays.  We still had a ton of fun doing it though!

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Whitharral Lady Panthers Basketball vs. New Way Odessa Christian 12-20-2011

This is a cool post for me as it becomes the first court game coverage for Whitharral Texas I have had to date.  A friend and fellow Photog Julie Scott a.k.a. “Crazee Scotts Photography” asked me to cover her daughters basketball game.  It’s one thing to take pictures at a game but to take pictures and actually watch your own kid and get into the game not missing any shots is a whole different level of focus.  So she gave me a call to do it for her…she’s not so Crazee after all!  It was really nice to see a new gym along with a lot of familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Congrats goes out to the Lady Panthers on their win!

I rattled off about 450 shots over all in the game but after weeding out the miss-focused view obstructed and most of the shots without a basket ball or eye balls in them I was only left with 168 good images worthy of printing.

The gallery is here: http://sconwayphotos.zenfolio.com/p182199393

Here are a few highlights…


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