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Shallowater Varsity Football 2014 vs. Levelland Lobos

This was one awesome game to watch if you were not able to be there because you stayed in out of the rain…you missed one heck of a battle.  It was one of those toss ups where no one really knew who won until the clock stopped.  One for the record books for sure!

This game was commissioned with focus coverage for Shallowater players you’ll find the gallery for the game here: http://sconwayphotos.zenfolio.com/f938042919

STC_8937 STC_8990


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Friday Night Lights Sundown Varsity Football at Bovina 9-23-2011

A 95 mile drive to one very poorly lit field from a photographers stand point. Not a big deal because I strobe games anyway…and that was great up to the point that I got hit and my flash bracket was snapped in two. So here is how bad the lights were…photogs will appreciate this…avg. EXIF: iso 5000 f2.8 1/250 with in camera ev value @+5…and the shots are still dark!  But hey its all good!  Witnessed my first 16 man football game…but nobody told sundown about it so they still only played 12….a few will understand this. Way to go Roughnecks….you rocked that house!!  As far as getting hit on the side line…I’m fine…my budget and equipment not so much.  Like the Credit Card commercials do it…. gas…$45.00…. Chinese buffet…$10…..nikon sb900 snapped off my monopod by the opposing team….$475.00….getting to see one of the dumbest refs ever and Roughnecks Friday night football…..priceless!

So who did he touch on the sideline?

A few highlights on the blog but the gallery link is here: http://sconwayphotos.zenfolio.com/p56646283

This is a series of images taken after my strobe was broken off so the quality of the images are really low in my opinion.


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Levelland Loboettes Basketball Team 2010-11

Checkout the cool classy women of the Loboettes Varsity Basketball Team for 2010-11

The gallery for all of the team images is located here: http://sconwayphotos.zenfolio.com/p523123470

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