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Sundown Pump Jack Wooden Bat Classic 2013

A little action from a night game the other night in Sundown Texas.  It’s a great event with a great history of great teams that have participated so far in it’s short existence of 3 years.  My favorite thing about it is the wooden bat requirement….which is really cool if one breaks in front of your camera.  Night games are always difficult with Baseball as you are forced as a photographer to use only available light and getting that good stop action crispy is a little hard in the dark.  I have posted a small gallery from the game which can be found at this link: http://sconwayphotos.zenfolio.com/f603687468

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Rachel Sepada – Quincey 2012

I really have gotten to where I love doing these.  They really feel like I’m practicing for weddings and some times they even surpass a weddings themselves.  Rachel’s Quincey was fantastic in every way you could imagine be it with her family all around her, the fantastic decor they came up with and not to leave out the incredible dress.  It was a privilege to be a a part of it and an honor to record it.


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Reagan – Senior Sundown ISD 2012

When we picked out a day to do our first shoot with Reagan 3 weeks prior we had no idea what we were going to get.  Reagan told her mom one day that it would be so cool to do a shoot in the snow.     Well she got what she wished for!  In 24 degree weather with snow flakes as big as a golfball and a little wind to top it off we did our snow session.  It was hilarious!  The time line was something like this….drive…drive…drive…park….soak up the heater….run outside click…click….run back inside….rinse and repeat!  I was so bad I actually had ice on my camera and lens hood.  In the end we had a ton of fun being crazy like this and would do it again in a heart beat!  Reagan has to be one of the sweetest girls I’ve met from Sundown and has a lot to look forward to in her near future.  I just won’t hold it against her seeing as she’s headed to Aggieland after graduation.  “We forgive you now Reagan”

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Ramiro and Joanna Wedding Day 12-31-2011

This was a great way to end the year by having a wedding on the very last day of it.  Joanna and Ramiro fel like old friends to me after doing the engagement session bridal and then the wedding for these two awesome people.  The journey for their special day took us to Seminole for the wedding and then on to Denver City for the reception and party.  It was a beautiful ceremony topped off with one heck of a party!  It was clear to me how important family is to these to young newlyweds by the simple fact of just about every family member they had showing up to their wedding.  God Bless you two…and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this with you.


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Kasey and Justin 2011

Well this is a neat little session with Kasey and Justin…ya know their gettin’ married soon….

They came to me do do their engagement session because I had done Kasey’s little brothers Senior pictures last year.  When we got all finished with our little session the next thing you know I’m booking the wedding date in my calendar as well.  It was so much fun shooting with you guys.  You two are so well matched and mesh together into a fantastic couple.



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