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Stormee 2012

Defiantly another one of my favorite Seniors….Stormee just made it happen.  My job was over before it began….just stunning!


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Jacy and Michael Kelly Wedding Day 5-13-2011


I have the pleasure of presenting to you Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly and Keagan!

What a great day for a wedding!  I thank you two for letting me be a a part of this day with you guys it was an honor and a privilege to do this.

I am still working on all of the great stuff so I’m just gonna shut up now and let your images talk about your day for me.


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Karleigh Sheyenne Porterfield 2011

I have to admit in preparation for this shoot I was a bit worried that sweet quiet little Karleigh wouldn’t be able to handle the attention she was about to receive by being the focal point for this photo shoot.

Hey….she did just fine!

Love ya girl!

This was an absolute pleasure to be a part of with this family and you just know when ever someone prepares for something like they did with the efforts they put forth….you are going to catch a few stellar moments.  Karleigh is a pure country girl true and through and we did our best to show this fact in these images.  Thank you so much ladies for letting me be a part of this special shoot.  It was an honor and a memory that will remain with me forever.


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Ipad 2 – Camera Performance

OK so I’m doing my second session of the day with this awesome Senior Lauren from Abernathy. Well her mom is running around behind me with a Ipad 2 taking shots of me taking shots of her daughter so she can send them to her boss lying in bed going through chemo right now. Touching to say the least I know and I love the fact that she was doing that….but my point to this little plug blog post for Apple is the Ipad 2. Holy cow…I looked at some of the pictures she was getting with the Ipad2 and a few rivaled or at least competed with the results of what I was getting with $4500 worth of camera and lens I was holding in my hands at the time…I wanted to cry.

I just had to show you!

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NJCAA Region 5 Basketball Tournament Finals 2011 Rip Griffin at LCU

NJCAA Region 5 Basketball Tournament 2011 Rip Griffin at LCU – Finals for Men and Women

Midland Chaps take the Championship over McLennon

Gallery link for the Mens Championship is here with a few of the highlights: http://sconwayphotos.zenfolio.com/p564837224

Gallery link for the Womens Championship is here: http://sconwayphotos.zenfolio.com/p1064363521

Steve Conway Photography

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