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Brock and Meagan 2012

This is another one of those fantastic Texas windy day session where the lightest breeze was somewhere around 30 mph….but hey…what are you going to do?!?  We still had fun despite the weather…it was like a treasure hunt trying to find the spot where the wind wasn’t blowing as hard…lol.  These two kids were great and the best thing of it all is just looking at them….you can see it.  They are in love 100%  Now lets not leave out good ole’ Riddick…..man what a ham!  This session kinda took me back a few years when my wife and I did our engagement session with our now 13 year old puppy Paintball…ahh the good ole’ days!

Enjoy the previews of their session.


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Chelsey Means – Senior 2012 Ropes ISD

What do you do when you have a beautiful girl with beautiful long hair on one of the windiest days ever?  You run inside and find some relief some where.  Of course Chelsey obviously made my job easy and even though we had so many plans for out doorsey stuff  it all worked out in the end.  She was a blast to be around and really fun when you put the camera in her face.  I just hope we get a second chance when things turn green to do some more fun stuff in the future.

Thanks Chelsey for being such a trooper with the wind and pulling all the right looks off when we needed them….you rock!



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Cyrene 2011

I just couldn’t pass up a cool chic with pink hair!  It was a must do session….and a ton of fun to boot.  Cyrene just does it and does it well.  Thanks for experimenting with me girl…we’ll have to do it again!





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Gingers Bridal 2011

Isn’t she lovely!  As I post this at this very moment she is walking down the isle to say I do.  I wish you so much happiness in your life you sweet girl.  I can’t express enough how happy our family is for you.  Congratulations!


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Sarah Sanford and Mason Elam Wedding Day June 17, 2011 – Lubbock Spirit Ranch Wedding Venue

Well I’m a little late posting this because of a vacation I took the day after the ceremony.  Thankfully these great people understood and fore gave me for making them wait for their wedding photographs.  What a wonderful thing to be a part of to say the least as these two folks are those that I’ve been impressed with since our first introductions.  This was such a blessed and beautiful day and it was all meant to belong to Sarah and Mason.  The venue was fantastic the decor even better and then you top it off with a gorgeous bride and a stunning groom to make it the perfect ceremony and event.  God Bless you two and best wishes on your long and glorious future together.

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