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Selah 2012

Selah….what can you say.  Just look at her.  This was a really fun session in Stanton and Midland Tx…my old home town that took us shooting into the night.  We wanted different….unique…rarely seen…so we went for it.  Awesome…awesome session with equally awesome results.

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Shallowater Mustangs Player Sessions vs. Lamesa 10-14-2011 Friday Night Lights

Coverage from a few Players Sessions for the Shallowater Mustangs at their game against Lamesa last Friday night.  Wow….is my best when describing this game…wow.  You guys were so mean to those guys it’s not even funny!  Enjoy some highlights here on the blog then see the whole gallery here: http://sconwayphotos.zenfolio.com/p1047000097




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Stephanie 2011

This girl has to be the most patient persons in the whole wide world. We started off our first session with a bang and after almost 3 hours of shooting all of a sudden out of the blue my memory card decides to go south and we loose about 80% of everything we took….yeah…that’s how I felt! Well sweet Stephanie found it in her heart to allow me to start all over with another session on another day and honestly it couldn’t have worked out any better than it did.  You know that saying that things happen for a reason…well they did and her awesome pictures are proof of that very thing.  For if we had not had a second day out we would never have had this cool Model T in the shots and the awesome golden sunset that her Mom wanted to have to begin with.  Hat’s off to you Stephanie for putting up with me and letting me do this for you.  It was a privilege!


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Tanner 2011

Sometimes when you meet someone they don’t really know what they want or how they want to look….not Tanner.  He told me flat out up front.. “My Dad has been in the Oil Field for as long as I can remember…that’s where I want to be in some of these shots.”  You got it bro…enjoy.



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State Baseball Tourney Littlefield TX Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth 15yr Olds

Congrats to North Plains for their State Title victory!

Baseball has once again hit my schedule via the State Tourney in Littlefield for the Babe Ruth/ Cal Ripken 15yr Olds. Unfortunately I am not able to devote the hours of editing I usually put in to a sporting event to weed through the missed shots and junk repetition shots prior to uploading them for the gallery.  I just have too much on my plate right now to do much editing so I am posting the galleries up with camera raw images.  Fortunately in the checkout system you can crop all of the images you desire to purchase so you can’t really focus in on those points of interest.

The Gallery is link here: http://sconwayphotos.zenfolio.com/f563274251

Whats a crop?

In checkout if you have an image chosen with your kid in it and it looks like this as he makes a play at 3rd base:

You can crop it in to make it look like this:

A few highlights from the 19th:

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