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Saylor 2012

A cute little post for cute little Saylor….she just rocks the camera!

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Noel and Brandi 2012

This wonderful couple came to me to snag a few images of them in their prime at their newly wed stage of life.  Life is good love is bright and full and these to guys are defiantly as one.  It was an absolute pleasure being with you two and I had a total blast!  Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this for you.



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Courtney and Heath 2011

This session is another one of those cool one’s for me.  Heath a fellow Photog over in Littlefield came to me asking me to do a couples shoot with him and his awesome girlfriend Courtney.  To say the least I kinda went a little out there with the images just to do something different and neat for these two.  We got started a little late in the day and only had about an hour worth or sunlight so 50% of the session was after the sun had set and that’s where it got fun.  Courtney had to pull Heath out of his little shell a few times and she did very well when she did…you can really see the bond these two have in a few of these images.  We had a lot of fun doing this shoot and I’m just honored that they asked me to do it for them.

A few previews of their session.


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Newsom Farms 2011 – Crop Dusters

This is a reference post for a shoot I did with the Newsoms out of Sundown Texas I forgot to blog this when we did it so here it is now.  This was probably one of the trickiest things I’ve tried to do.  The duster was supposed to be over a different field that ran North-South and would have given us the nice blue skie contrast with the plan in the sky.  However due to wind conditions that day at last minute they had to opt out and goto a different field entirely.   This new field was a direct East West and the sun was setting so the cool blue sky wasn’t an option any longer.  The hard part of these shots especially with the addition of field lights in the equation was the lack of time between passes.  We had to estimate where the plan was passing by….get Steve and Keegan in to place…angle the lights and position them so they were not in the shot and then I had to get where I needed to be to take the shot at just the right second.  All of that had to come together in less than a minute per pass and then once he went overhead we had to move everything down the field to do it again…..it was crazy!  Sad thing is you only get about 18-20 passes per field and the plan is done.  Then divide those passes in half because of the direction we needed the plan to come and it makes for a stressful 20 minutes in a cotton field.

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Himango Family 2011

This was such a fun little session with a great family out of Levelland the Himangos.  Missy called me up one day and said she wanted to do a session but it had to be fun.  So we kinda let the girls take control from that point giving them rein over the family’s session.  This was a no miss session for me with two beautiful daughters to and a great mom and dad.  Thanks for being the “light of their lives”  dad!  Here are a few sneaks from their session.


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