c98-STC_7720-1 10.16.00 AM.jpgc24-STC_3982-14816-1 10.16.00 AM.jpgc26-STC_7839-1 10.16.00 AM.jpgCON_5917-9416-1.jpgc4-STC_3972-14477-1.jpgCON_5838-9417-1.jpgc47-STC_6983-1.jpgc72-STC_7779-1 10.16.00 AM.jpgImage by Steve Conway Photography 806-891-0378STC_1989-1.jpgc62-STC_7488-1 10.16.00 AM.jpgCON_1531-7545-1.jpgc66-STC_4344-14725-1 10.16.00 AM.jpgSTC_6860-1.jpgc67-STC_1829-1.jpgc90-STC_4476-14817-1 10.16.00 AM.jpgCON_1609-7552-1.jpgImage by Steve Conway Photography 806-891-0378STC_6534-1.jpg
  •  $150.00 “The basics…”

(40 minutes – 10 edited images to keep – usually 1 location)Steve Conway Senior Photographer

  • + $50.00 to make it 60 minutes

(1 full hour – 15 edited images to keep – more time equal more location opportunity and more images to choose from)

  •  $265.00 “A bell and a whistle…”

(90 minutes shooting time – 25 edited images to keep plus a $50 gallery credit to be used towards prints and other products online)

  • $495.00 Over The Top

(Limits…lol not many. This is a session with a purpose to get a certain look/s in a certain location/s or create something unique and do whatever it is that we need to do to get it.  You get up to 50 images edited to keep and a hard back  book with those images included along with a $100.00 print product credit for our gallery.  If you are doing this session it’s because you are that senior that just can’t have your friends senior picture look better then yours.  You are doing this session because Mom wants the book to be able to look back at and reflect after you’ve left for college.  You are doing this session because you are the family that wants something cool and inspiring in images to represent who you are at this point in your life and you want a canvas of it to hang on the wall.

  •  All Major Credit Cards Now Accepted on Location
  • Mileage is always a factor in business accounted for at $.60 per mile in most cases
  • All sessions are subject to sales tax as per state guidelines