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Hockley County Junior Stock HOG Show 2012 at The Mallet Event Center

Holycow!!!!   I mean PIG….lol.  Wow what a day.  The conclusion of the second day of Hockley County’s Junior Stock Show has come and gone….and I need a bath!  I have to say that even as hard as it was to try and get a good shot of every single Exhibitor I think I was about 95% successful I had a blast hanging out with these folks…but if I did miss someone I am truly sorry.

Anyway I’ll cut to the chase and show you a few preview here in this post for reference but if you just have to jump to the gallery right away here is the link:

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Hockley County Stock Show 2012 at The Mallet Event Center

A conclusion to the first day of the Hockley County Stock Show for 2012 has come.  These exhibitors have proven their salt  with these fantastic animals the have presented at show.  You can just see the hard work it took to get to this point in their eyes when they hit the arena floor.

Here is a link to the galleries for the stock show:

The images listed in the gallery are pretty cheap price wise since this was a commissioned event for me to make it easier for you to get the images you want.

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Levelland FFA Chapter Stock Show 1-17-2012 at The Mallet Event Center

Well this was kinda funny for me.  I got my days all mixed up setting up early for the County show coming up on the 18th and 19th.  I wasn’t supposed to be here for the Chapter show but since I already had my stuff set up I figured I’d use this as a test bed for my set up.  Now of course when the kiddy wranglers hit the floor it made me not want to leave…..they are my favorite part of the show.

Keep me in mind for future events and coverage if you like my work…I shoot just about anything.

The gallery with a little over 300 images is here for this evenings events:

A few previews…

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Wizard of OZ – Sundown ISD 2011

This has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  Granted one of my sons was in the play even if he was just a Munchkin’ so you know I had to be there to shoot it.  I didn’t get to see Saturdays performance for the wedding I had to cover but I know this performance was fantastic as I’m sure it was as well.  After 3 months of hard work and preparation the drama department and the kids put forth it made  this little interpretation of Oz an absolute joy to be present for.  To get descent shots I stood up for the entire performance moving around to try and get the best angles I could find and with about 950 shots taken I have placed a little over 400 in a gallery.

To access this gallery you will need to contact me directly.

The gallery link is here:

Here are a few previews from the performance.


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Sundown Roughnecks Senior Shut Out Challenge for Home Coming 2011

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