Photographing Levelland TX at Midnight+Lightning

If you are anything like me you drive by things, places and stuff that sticks in your mind and rings that little bell in your head that makes you say to yourself…”I wonder what that would look like”  I’ve been doing just that every evening I’ve turned down College Ave off of 114 in Levelland.  SO…I was coming home from shooting a baseball game in Sudan and when I came to the intersection I had to stop and really see what it would look like.

This was the end result with the camera mounted on a tripod set at a 15-30 second exposures and f8-22 with ISO at 200.

The Lord blessed me with some more awesome Lightning photographs….updating this topic with them on 7-30-09.
If you would like copies of any of these photographs please call me directly 806-891-0378

See the Levelland News Press Online

for a view of some of these photos on the front page of the Sunday paper

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  1. Steve August 1, 2009 at 11:15 pm #

    Hey gotta give a shout out to the Levelland News Press for giving me a call and using my photograph for the front page of the paper!

    Thanks for the recognition guys!

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