2009 13yr Old Babe Ruth State Tourney-Host Levelland TX


Levelland Texas has the fortune to host the 13yr old State Tournament for Babe Ruth in 2009.  Teams from across the state are here in a bid and battle for the state title and the trip to regional tournament afterward.

I will do my best to cover every team and player that steps on to the field.  I have no bias. I only want to see some great action so that I can attempt to capture that action in a permanent photographic memory for any that may want something like that.  That is in fact the primary reason I am where I am now with photography.  I wanted the shots that no one could give me so I took it upon myself to equip and educate myself with years of experience to enable me to capture those precious once in a life time shots that most of us have had to only watch and hope to remember later.

So first off congratulations to all of the teams that have made it this far!  You did a lot just to get to state!  No matter where your team ends up in the standings just being here is something to be proud of with out question.  I ask of you only one thing.  Take a look at the galleries after the games and if you see a few shots you deem worthy enough to want then by all means snatch them up.

If you have questions about anything inlcuding special requests please contact me ASAP 806-891-0378.

Let other parents know about the coverage that may not be able to attend the games.  Spread the word folks…please.  These are your kids playing in the state tournament I only hope you can take a hold of what that really means and if it will ever happen again for some of the players.

Stuff you want to know

  • All images are in “Your Galleries” linked to the top right and bottom right corners of this site.

If you are wanting multiple games please call me and I’ll work a special price for you.

Games recently photographed and in galleries:

7-25 Plainview vs. Levelland – uploaded 187 images

7-25 Snyder vs. Denver City – uploaded 441 images

7-26 Plainview vs. Snyder – uploaded 725 images

7-26 Levelland vs. Denver City – uploaded 499 images

7-27 Levelland vs. Snyder – uploaded 551 images

7-28 Texas State Title Game Plainview vs. Levelland – uploaded 999 images

Throughout the tourney I will be uploading highlights or cool shots from the games right here…

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  1. Shelly Willeford July 29, 2009 at 9:32 am #

    Do you have any pictures from the 10 year old tournament in Amarillo? My son played there and I was given your card.

    • Steve July 29, 2009 at 1:10 pm #

      I have the game between Canyon and Levelland which is one my brother-n-law was there for. I just got the disk with about 6-700 images on it of which I should be able to go through later today.

  2. Shelly Willeford July 29, 2009 at 1:21 pm #

    That is the game I was looking for between Canyon and Levelland. I look forward to seeing these photos.

    • Steve July 29, 2009 at 4:18 pm #

      That game is posted and the gallery is being uploaded right now.

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